famous stuff

Jean-Pierre – guitar solo (youtube)
Artist: Mike Stern
Composer: Miles Davis
Album: We Want Miles
Classic fusion solo. Shows a huge range of what’s possible when playing over a single dominant chord in a fusion style.

Four Brothers – lead sheet
Guitar tab and keyboard solo (youtube)
Artist: Oli Rockberger
Composer: Janek Gwizdala
Album: Live, Manchester, 2008
Short transcription with some funky ideas, chromatic licks, and scale superposition, over a simple non-diatonic chord progression.

Inside Out – guitar solo (youtube)
Artist: Barry Finnerty
Composer: Randy Brecker
Album: Heavy Metal Be-Bop
A lot of pure blues, and some interesting timing and plenty bebop-style ideas.

Backtrack – guitar solo (youtube)
Artist: Jonathan Kreisberg
Composer: Lonnie Smith
Album: Live, Iowa City Jazz Festival, 2013
Workout for the melodic minor scale, and for transposing and repeating patterns, within a great jazzy solo. Has what might justifiably be called a “killer lick” near the end.

Beastly – lead sheet and bass tab (youtube)
Artist: Vulfpeck
Composer: Jack Stratton
Album: Mit Peck
Recent, and ridiculously groovy, simple lead sheet built around a funky bass line and a Brazilian keyboard rhythm.

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